Swastha Vritta
(Preventive & Social Medicine)

Enhancing Health and Preventing Diseases

Prevention and Health Promotion

Our Preventive & Social Medicine Division focuses on maintaining health and preventing diseases through practices such as Dinacharya (Daily Regimen), Ratricharya (Night Regimen), and Ritucharya (Seasonal Regimen).

Ayurvedic Diet

We provide guidance on Ayurvedic dietary principles tailored for both healthy individuals and those with specific health conditions.

Yogasana and Pranayama

Learn and practice Yogasana and Pranayama to enhance health and well-being.


Experience physical and mental rejuvenation through Rasayana and Achara Rasayana practices.

Services Offered

Pathya (Diet) for OPD
and IPD Patients

Yogasana and Pranayama for Patients and Public in Yoga Camps

Prakriti Assessment and Personalized Guidance

Ritushodhana (Seasonal Detoxification) Awareness

Lifestyle Modification