Agadtantra & Vidhi Ayurved
(Toxicology, Forensic Medicine & Medical Jurisprudence)


Training Ayurvedic Poison Management Specialists

Our goal is to equip Ayurvedic "Visha Vaidyas" with the expertise to treat those in need.

Expertise in Forensic Science and Medical Jurisprudence:

We nurture experts in forensic science and medical jurisprudence within Ayurveda, facilitating the management of legal issues and medical laws.

In-Depth Research on Visha Dravyas

We engage in comprehensive research on poisonous substances, antidotes, treatment modalities for various toxins, and all aspects of Agadatantra.

Excellence in Education

The Agadatantra department provides exceptional theory, clinical, and practical education, shaping skilled teachers, physicians, and researchers who are not only intellectually proficient but also morally upright and socially conscious.

Services Offered

Simulators for

Clinical Orientation and
Field Visits

Observing Medico-Legal Cases
in Court

Postgraduate Training in Toxicology and Postmortem Procedures

Research Lab

Training Under
Pharmacovigilance Committee

Ayurvedic Formulation

Adulterant Identification
in Food