Shalya Tantra
(General Surgery)


Modern Integration of Shalyatantra Principles

Our aim is to integrate the principles of Shalyatantra in a scientific, safe, and effective manner, aligning with modern scientific medical knowledge.

Excellence in Ano-Rectal Disease Management

We are dedicated to establishing a center of excellence for the management of ano-rectal diseases, popularizing treatments like Kshara Karma and Kshara Sutra.

Pain Clinic for Musculo-Skeletal Disorders

We offer a Pain Clinic for effective management of various musculo-skeletal disorders through Agnikarma.

Chronic Infected Ulcer Management

Our department excels in managing cases of non-healing, chronic infected ulcers using the principles outlined in Shashtiupakrama.

Innovative Approaches for Ulcers and Skin Diseases

We introduce innovative methods like Jalukavacharana for the effective management of ulcers, skin diseases, and gangrene.

Gastroscopy for Diagnosis and Evaluation

We employ Gastroscopy as a diagnostic tool and a means to assess the therapeutic efficacy of various Ayurvedic formulations in treating Acid-Peptic disorders.

Services Offered

Surgery Bed

Well-Equipped Operation Theatres (O.T.) for Surgeries

On-Call Anesthetists for Surgical Procedures

Paramedical Staff with Modern Facilities


Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy for Diagnosis and Evaluation

Specialized OPD for General Surgical Diseases, Ano-Rectal Diseases, and Colo-Rectal Diseases

Well-Equipped Minor OT for Traumatic Wound Management, Dressing, Agnikarma, and Jalukavacharana

Seminar Room for Post-Graduate Teaching

Laboratory for Kshara Sutra Preparation

Training Equipment for
Surgical Skills

Department Museum

Library for Students and Staff